Andhra Pradesh Top 11 Energetic Traditional Folk Dances


Andhra Pradesh, a state on the east coast of India, has a rich heritage reflected in its folk dances. These dances are an important part of the state culture and express the joy and celebration of life. Folk dances of Andhra Pradesh are divided into various groups based on their origin, style, and music. In this article, we explore the famous actors of Andhra Pradesh from generation to generation.

Kuchipudi of Andhra Pradesh folk Dance

Classical Dance Form Kuchipudi is a classical dance form that originated in Andhra Pradesh. It is the perfect combination of dance, gestures, speech, and song and requires players to be skilled at all these. Kuchipudi is known for his performance, quality of work, face, and gestures. This dance form has evolved over the years and now incorporates elements of mythology, religion, and social relations.

Bhamakalpam – Folk Dance of Andhra Pradesh

Dance of Devotion Bhamakalpam is a special dance that originated in Kuchipudi in the 17th century. It is a dance drama revolving around the life of Satyaparma, the beautiful but jealous wife of Lord Krishna. The dance form shows female movements (lasya) through different expressions, body movements, and facial expressions. The performance begins with a ceremony, after which each actor introduces himself with a short song and dance. Artists wear beautiful wooden lights called “borough” to add beauty to the dance.

Burrakatha – Folk Dance of Andhra Pradesh

Mythical Stories Burrakatha is a unique dance that tells Indian stories. It was called Jangam Katha and was staged in Telugu. During the performance, the main performer tells the story, plays music, and dances with the sound. Some scenes in the report are supported by artists playing the drums and speaking to them. Burrakatha is a popular dance performed during festivals and cultural events in Andhra Pradesh.

Veeranatyam – Folk Dance of Andhra Pradesh

Lord Shiva’s Dance Veeranatyam is a folk dance related to Lord Shiva’s dance. This was done when Lord Shiva was enraged by Sati’s death and humiliation. Veeranatyam is also known as the dance of destruction and is still practiced by the Veeramusti community, who claim to be descendants of Veerabhadra. The dance form is characterized by high energy, fast music, and beautiful costumes.

Butta Bommalu – folk Dance of Andhra Pradesh

Masked Dance Butta Bommalu is a folk dance popular in Tanuku District, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. In this dance, the actors wear the faces of different characters and entertain people with beautiful performances accompanied by wordless music. Butta Bommalu is a special dance performed at festivals and rituals.

Dappu – folk Dance of Andhra Pradesh

The Drum Drum Dappu is a dance form that originated in the Nizamabad district of Andhra Pradesh. Dancers in colorful costumes dance to cymbal, tabla and organ music. Dappu is a traditional and powerful dance, often based on mythological stories. The content of dance forms is usually related to social and current events.

Tappeta Gullu

Devotional Rain Dance Tappeta Gullu is a popular dance in Srikakulam and Vizianagaram regions. It is made to invoke the rain king and is characterized by power, rhythm and rhythm. In this form of dance, performers hang drums around their necks and use their movements to create rhythm. The dance is accompanied by songs and music for the king.


Tribal Harvest Dance The Lambardi dance is associated with the Lambardi tribe and celebrates the harvest or planting season. Players adorn themselves with heavy jewelry such as ivory bracelets, brass anklets, fancy jewelry, and costumes embroidered with glass beads. The dance form is characterized by being slow and beautiful, with music and singing.


Female Tank Dance Bonalu is a special type of dance performed by female dancers who dance to the rhythm of the tho while balancing the tanks above their heads.This dance is performed in honor of the village god Mahankali. This dance is often performed at festivals and rituals accompanied by songs and music.


Tribal Dance Dhimsa is a tribal dance performed by ordinary people in the hills of Vishakhapatam region. It is usually done during Chaitra (March/April) and is characterized by tribal costumes and decorations.Along with music and songs, this dance form is representative of the tribal culture of Andhra Pradesh.


Stick Dance Kolattam is a stick dance similar to the Dandia dance of Gujarat. It is also called Kolannalu or Kolkolannalu and is often performed at village festivities. A combination of music, song, and melody, Kolattam is a popular dance in Andhra Pradesh.In conclusion, Andhra Pradesh folk dance is a living expression of the state’s rich heritage. These games, which are an important part of the state culture, are played on holidays, weddings, and other cultural events. Each dance form has its own style, music and clothing, and these express the joy and celebration of life. Andhra Pradesh’s folk dance is a testament to the rich culture and tradition of the state.

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