Who We Are

We are not magicians, just really passionate dancers.
We are a team of horticultural experts, logistical masterminds, design geniuses, and lots of dedicated worker bees trying our best to earn the smile you wear on seeing the structural art, happy to offer dancing doll you receive.We are a young enthusiastic team of just over 20 people, working behind the scenes to invite you into the secret life of dancers. To nudge you to experiment, make mistakes, play, pause, and disconnect from the noise and find your centre

Our History

Nrityashiksha was formed with the idea to help people to learn and breathe in some peace of art in their busy lives. The idea comes after we finished our degree in Computer science and Engineering and we are also passionate about dance throughout this year we also pursued visharad in Kathak then we got the idea to merge our computer knowledge and dance knowledge so we decide to share our knowledge to everyone with our website, we noticed that the disconnection between dancer learn from cities and villages and decided to start Nrityashiksha to build a bridge between the two. Rooted firmly in his family’s century with great gurus and mentors in a way to make it the perfect cultural environment, Nrityashiksha sprung up like a new leaf on a spring morning and is today a mighty tree that helps beginners and more intermediate to thrive in its shade. We have formed a proudly Made in India Culture Art and Promote Dance knowledge that grows with each passing day.

Odissi dance doll

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve artists knowledge about different dance forms and from their first step in the performing arts to their success on the largest stages in the world.And Give them an enhance level of dance education. Our vision is to create a global performing arts platform to serving learners a great variety of arts. while nurturing an artists’ community by offering them opportunities.Also we work on enhance the detailing of performing arts and culture with different aspects.

Shree Sanjay Mahajan

Renowned Kathak Dancer

Our Guru

Sanjay Mahajan ji is a renowned artist who hails from Barwaha, a city known for its religious and cultural activities. Since his childhood, Sanjay showed a keen interest in song, music, and dance, actively participating in various functions and performances. His passion for dance grew stronger, leading him to seek formal education in Kathak with the famous Kathak dance guru Raj Kumud Ji Tholia which marked a turning point in Sanjay’s life. Under Tholia ji guidance, Sanjay not only mastered the nuances of Kathak but also delved into the world of folk dances. With his dedication and rigorous training, Sanjay became an expert in both classical Kathak and various folk dance forms from states like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and more.

Throughout his journey, Sanjay has been influenced by esteemed Gurus, including Dr. Suchitra Harmalkar, Dr. Priyanka Vaidya, and Pyarelalji Shrimal, who have imparted invaluable guidance in different dance forms. Sanjay’s artistic prowess and commitment to promoting traditional art forms led him to establish the Nateshwar Nritya Sansthan, where he provides free dance classes to children and trains them in both classical and folk dances. In the world of performing arts. His contributions to the art community and his efforts to nurture young talents continue to leave a lasting impact.

Meet the Founders

Mr. Ganesh Kewat


A computer science engineering graduate and a passionate dancer working in different streams and gaining hands-on experience in different dance forms. Working as an engineer in web development technology in the IT department.Also working as a data manager. Enthusiasm youngster is willing to solve real-world problems. Also a kathak dancer and a folk artist.

Mr. Adarsh Patidar


A young Kathak artist with high will and high skill.Mastering in kathak to gain knowledge to abdomen level well also working as a folk artist. Get experience in different state folk dances and art-related works. Also a computer science engineering graduate and work as a web designer.